7 Ways to Protect Your Secret Caramilk Stash

As a decent human being, you know that life is about giving and taking — with a greater emphasis on the former. But there are times when you have to put yourself first.

Do you have a secret stash of your favourite snacks like Caramilk bars for example, that you secretly hide from your significant other? Do you need some tips on safeguarding your Caramilk bars? We have 7 recommendations to keep your secret stash of Caramilks safe!

Tip 1: Keep Things Personal

In any healthy relationship, boundaries are essential. Are there parts of your home that are off-limits for your significant other? These places might be your home office, your gym bag, the trunk of your car, or even your backyard shed. Would your significant other or children ever, search your gym bag? If not, that’s a possible hiding place for your Caramilk bar.

Tip 2: Adjust for Seasonality

In Canada, we tend to have only two seasons: warm and very cold. The good news is this means two completely different sets of seasonal clothing!

During the summer months, you could store your Caramilk bar in the pocket of your winter jacket or inside your snow boots.

During the winter months, you can store your sweet loot among your swimwear, or inside your beach bag. For special holidays like Easter, you’ll want to hide some Cadbury Caramilk eggs.

Tip 3: Luggage and Travel Bags

When was the last time you looked in your suitcase or travel bag? The chances are that the last time you looked was when you needed to use them. Do you get the hint? Your suitcase and travel bag are possibly the perfect places to hide your Caramilk bars or Cadbury Caramilk eggs – as long as you or your significant other don’t have a vacation planned anytime soon.

Tip 4: Pillow Covers

Another great place to hide a Caramilk bar is inside your pillow cover. It will make things mighty convenient should you wish to have a late-night snack – while your significant other is asleep, of course.

Tip 5: Laundry Room

Does your significant other avoid the laundry room like the plague? If so, then this room is another great place to store your Caramilk bar. You can wash and dry some clothes while nibbling away on your sweet treat.

Tip 6: Bottom of the Freezer

You can temporarily store your stash in the lowest shelf of your freezer – you know, the place no one looks! Most people do not want to stoop too low to fish through the freezer for what they want. So you can hide your sweet treasure in “plain sight.” Make sure you don’t keep your Caramilk bar in the freezer for too long. It might taste better after it thaws though!

Tip 7: Behind a Picture Frame

You’ve seen this in the movies! Do you have picture frames or painting frames on your wall? Well, if you do, and if they have a hollow back, you can hide your Caramilk bar inside of the frames. It will be safe and sound since no one will even think to look back there! If you want to be ensure that your loot doesn’t fall out, try using double-sided tape to fasten your treat to the back of the frame.

Bonus Tip!

Make sure you remember where you have hidden your Caramilk stash. We wouldn’t want for you to experience the agony of wanting the delicious soft flowing caramel in your mouth without remembering where your stash is.


Successfully hiding your Caramilk stash will require a little bit of creativity. If your conscience does happen to get the better of you, just buy enough Caramilk so that you and yours can enjoy them together!

Now that you can protect your stash, help protect The Secret. or search for all things Caramilk secret here.