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The Caramilk Secret is our absolute best kept secret. Only the most trustworthy person can keep a secret so delicious. Very few people have access to this knowledge because the Caramilk Secret can only be shared with people who can conceal the answer to something so deliciously mysterious.

There are many people who claim to know the Caramilk Secret, but it is all speculation. Anyone who has access to the real secret behind the Caramilk bar knows how to keep it. We have ways of knowing who can keep a secret and who will spill the caramel. So, if you’re feeling up for the task, you’ll have to prove it.

The Caramilk Secret is not just a matter of getting the soft-flowing caramel into the Caramilk bar; this secret goes much deeper. That is why we can’t trust just anyone with it. To prove that you are capable of keeping the secret behind the Caramilk bar, you have to persevere in your search for the answer. Once you have discovered the secret to how we get the soft-flowing caramel into every Caramilk bar, you will know that you have earned our trust.

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